As a couple, Brent and Jessica’s favourite pastime is visiting the humane society to walk and spend quality time with dogs.
  They began fostering dogs through Noble Dog Rescue and Save Our Scruff, and it quickly became obvious, to the rescue organizations and to them, that together as a complimentary team, they were willing and able to successfully foster and work with the “unadoptable” dogs. Foster after foster came to live with them and each one left happy, well-adjusted and 100% adoptable. They had a knack for dealing with reactive dogs and dogs that were fearful or aggressive.

Soon they became consultants to other foster homes, coaching and helping them deal with unruly dogs and demonstrating humane behaviour modification techniques.  As the demand for their services grew, they decided to put their experience and proven track record to work, and devote their lives to the complete care and maintenance of dogs… Complete K9 Care.