At Complete K9 Care, we never turn down an opportunity to create balance in a home. We are dog owners too, we treat your dog the way we would want ours to be treated. That is why we will work with every dog, any issue, any breed and any size, regardless of bite history or claims that the dog may be “untrainable”. We meet the challenge head on and develop a plan to reintroduce dogs to situations from a different point of view. Have a look at our services so you can decide which option best fits your needs. Whether your need is for targeted dog recall training, obedience training, reactive dog training, or adjusting the behaviour of your aggressive dog, we can handle it and we will train you how to control your dog, under any circumstances.

Dog owners have a special responsibility. When you own a dog, training and obedience are a necessity, not a luxury. You owe it to the people around you, your dog and yourself. Canine behaviour is not a mystery to professionals. Dog behaviour modification is a progressive series of calculated steps that ensure your dog does not react inappropriately to the stimuli they are going to come across. Our step by step method of intensive dog training build confidence in your pet and turns your anxious or fearful dog into a companion that trusts in your ability to deal with situations that come up. This takes the load of initiating action off the dog, who then loos to you for clues as to how to react. 



K9 Behaviour Modification service provides you with the unique experience of having the Complete K9 Care team visit your place for actual in home dog training. Recreating the environment and situations where the problem behaviour occurs is crucial in correcting the behaviour.

Trying to recreate the stimulus that leads to inappropriate reactions is necessary in diagnosing the cause, and that specific behaviour and it’s origins will determine the rest of the appointment.

Since each appointment is different, we will use the tools and resources you have available to make a plan to correct the behaviour. Using a combination of positive reinforcement gentle correction, relaxation techniques for human and canine along with careful observation, we are able to provide a plan for lasting improvement.

Once we determine the best course of action for your dog a long term training plan is developed that is specific to your dogs needs.


We understand there is a learning curve when adjusting to a new way of being with your dog. We make ourselves available via phone, email and text message following your appointment to make sure you continue to have the support for what we believe is the best dog training available, and the reassurance needed as your family adjusts to the changes in handling and behaviour of your dog

K9 BOOTCAMP ( Limited Availability )

K9 Bootcamp offers your dog a chance to stay in our home for times when more intensive help is needed for behaviour modification. Whether it’s an old behaviour that you can no longer tolerate, a new behaviour that came on intensely or a behaviour that came with a newly acquired dog. We are in our element when we live and work with the dogs that really need our help. It allows us to combine our love, knowledge, patience and experience to really make a difference.

We offer a behavioural detoxification period before we begin to implement changes. It’s important to remove as much stress, anxiety, fear and negative energy as possible before we can lay a solid foundation for change. This is the most important part of K9 Bootcamp. Any residual negative energy can impede the progress towards positive change. Weekly assessments are done and you will receive progress reports after each assessment. We will give you a recommended Bootcamp timeline, but the decision to stay in the program is always up to you.