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Brent was incredible!! We sent our dogs Tyson and Macey to them for 4 weeks of training, they came back different dogs! Though there was still work on our part to keep up with everything they had taught them, it was like night and day! They originally went for excessive jumping and barking, counter surfing, leash pulling, and fighting with each other. We have had them back for roughly a month now and these are no longer issues!!! Any questions we have had since the training was complete, they answer immediately!! We are so happy we did this, we will now have the relationship we have always wanted with our dogs! Thank you again Brent, we cannot day enough good things!!!

Carly Treftlin - Toronto, Ontario   

We brought our Doberman puppy Bosco to Brent in February 2018 after a bite incident in our home. They worked with Bosco for 8 weeks on training and behaviour modification at their facility. Brent were able to train him, and teach us how to work with his anxious personality. They are extremely knowledgeable and truly care about what they do. Bosco is a wonderful dog in our home and with our family! We are very grateful to have worked with Complete K9 Care for their wonderful and effective training and behaviour services.

Ashley Armstrong-Low - Uxbridge, Ontario   

We had some great training with other trainers but after our dog was bitten a few times by other dogs he became very fearful. He acted out when other dogs would approach on or off leash by barking loudly, pulled towards the dog(s) and and visibly upset. We had a couple sessions with Brent - each time we learned actionable techniques on how to ease our dogs fear when out in the community. Within a short time frame his fear has subsided. We are able to walk without him acting out his fear. It is a very freeing feeling. Thanks so much!

Heidi Eisenhauer - Sudbury, Ontario   

Our dog Gambit was leash reactive to other dogs and after only a few hours with Brent. we have seen a huge improvement in our boy. He has not reacted to another dog since Brent provided us with the info and plan we needed for future success. Walks are much more enjoyable knowing Gambit will remain calm. I would recommend Complete K9 Care to anyone looking for not only great training but ongoing support. Thanks so much Brent.

Cory Whitehead - Barrie, Ontario   

I have had my guy home for a while now to be able to judge his change. He was very reactive and had bitten twice to strangers that came onto the property, he would want to attack anyone he didn't know, he used to pull me down the street, Brent showed no fear to him like other trainers, they were confident they could change him. I now can walk him using the tools they have trained him with, dogs barking at him, strangers walking by and him not reacting, thank goodness. We have had strangers over and he so far has behaved himself. There is a huge difference in him. We are at a stage of doom with him and Complete K9 Care saved us. Thanks guys!

Tracy Jamieson - Manilla, Ontario   

When I found my Rotti pup "Roxy", it was love at first sight! However, as with any pup comes behaviours!
Simply because I wanted only the best for her and I didn't want her to grow up with bad behaviours, I got in touch with Brent! He listened and gave me suggestions that not only helped Roxy but myself to be a good owner. When we decided to go on a holiday, Brent was my first and only choice to take care of Roxy. While she was in Brent care, she was treated like one of their own. When we brought her home we noticed immediately how much successful work they had done with our Roxy!
I would recommend Brent and have on many, many occasions to anyone who is in need of advise or assistance with training their beloved dogs!
Their devotion to their chosen profession is admirable and their hard work shows in my Roxy!
Thank you to you both from the bottoms of mine and Roxy's heart!

Janice Holler - Muskoka, Ontario    Muskoka Ontario   

I recently got my dog Cannon back home after his four week Board & Train with Brent, and though only home a short while, can already see a huge change in his behaviour! He was an extremely insecure, anxious and fearful dog which was, in turn, causing him to become more and more reactive towards humans and other environmental stressors. This was especially apparent in or around my home where he would lunge and bark aggressively at any guests trying to enter (out of fear). I was beginning to loose all hope that anything would curb this behaviour and was becoming increasingly anxious myself as to where this would lead... That's when I called on the help of Complete K9 Care. From my initial meeting with them, they put everything into perspective in a clear and concise way that I could understand! They were able to pinpoint the core route of his issues and set forth to create an action plan of recovery. During our reintegration session, they very simply and confidently explained the things I needed to do to improve/strengthen our relationship moving forward and demonstrated how to handle his unwanted behaviours. Since laying the groundwork and putting some hard rules in place for my home, Cannon is already starting to demonstrate a huge change! Choosing to settle in his crate ("safe zone") when he hears any "scary" or "threatening" sounds outside and now looking to me for guidance/reassurance! I know there's still a long road ahead towards making him the confident, brave boy I know he can be -- but Brent set us both on the road to success and I am so grateful for their help and continued support. These two know their stuff, and you can tell they genuinely care about each and every dog they work with and are so passionate about what they do - which shines through in their work! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. If you're struggling with your pup, there is hope with Complete K9 Care! THANK YOU GUYS!

Trish Montle - Toronto, Ontario