Jess_MeatballJessica Kelly grew up in a log cabin, in a small Northern Ontario town, surrounded by animals, both domestic and wild!  Her fondness for all animals presented at a very early age, but she had a particular interest in dog training and handling. From Alaskan Malamutes, to German Shepherds, retrievers and herding breeds, Jessica developed unique relationships with her dogs and maintains the ability to quickly connect with and understand dog behaviour.  Though her post secondary education focused on human psychological and social impairments, she has never strayed far from the dogs she loved to train.

Jessica has completed the training of one of her dogs to be a service animal. Jessica is also training and handling multiple dogs in Schutzhund and various dogs sports. She is also raising dogs for law enforcement and various service agencies.

Brent Alvey 
has always lived with working breeds.  As a child he shared his life with German Shepherds and Corgis. He enjoyed getting the dogs to do tricks. Dog training came naturally to him, and he excelled at gentle correction and confident leadership. Throughout his career as a professional musician, caring for and training dogs has continued to be a focal point in his life.  A family oriented man, he has always maintained a canine companion and is now passing his experience down to his son.

Brent is the only active national level helper in Ontario. He was one of 3 helpers selected for the Canadian GSD Championship Trial in 2018 and decoyed Ontario Regionals in 2017 and 2018. In addition to being an accomplished Schutzhund decoy, he also trains proficiently in suit work. Brent has earned various titles on his dogs including an AD endurance test, an IPO1 and a BH temperament test. Brent is currently training various dogs in Schutzhund and other dog sports. He is also raising dogs for law enforcement and various service agencies.