The dog trainers’ introduction

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Our website is finally here!! I’d like to thank all the people who helped us get our website up and running. I also want to give a little introduction, we have been training dogs in Peterborough for a while and over the last couple years we started expanding south to the GTA, east to Trenton, Belleville area and through Lindsay and the Kawarthas with great success. Since we travel to you for dog training you won’t need to worry about the distance. We are actively looking for a new place so we can expand our services to allow more spaces for dog boarding and to open up our doggy daycare. We are so happy to be expanding and I know many of you guys are excited to have our training facility and doggy daycare open too.

Thanks a bunch

Oh, wait, I forgot to give you guys a tip. When you have a new puppy or new dog entering your life be sure to start off with proper food manners. Don’t just put the food on the floor, hold the food and make your new pup focus on you before you put the food down. This will prevent food aggression in the future. If you have a dog who is already food aggressive or would like us to show you how to properly feed your pup, feel free to contact us through our “contact us” page

Not just Peterborough’s best dog training team, but central Ontario’s best dog training team.

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